God is not religion...He is relationship.

If you ever been led to believe that you'd go to hell if you didn't choose the right religion, you've been deceived. This is one of the many lies religion has spread leaving many in fear and turning their backs on God. Our goal is to uncover these lies so that people can be led to The Truth.

Did you know you don't need a doctorate from Bible school in order to understand and learn the mysteries of God and receive revelation from Him through the Bible?

According to John 16:13 Christ says, "The Spirit of Truth will come and TEACH YOU ALL TRUTH." This is a convenient truth that religion has conveniently hidden from everyone in plain sight. Why? Control and financial security. Since the era of Christ, religion has once again found a way to make God their cash cow! In this way, you believe that the only way to learn about God is by going to a building. Religion in turn receives consistent members, income, and control over how much truth is given to you. 

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"The Spirit of truth will come and teach you ALL TRUTH."
John 16:13

If you have been a Christian for years and yet still deal with anger, resentment, bitterness, hate, pride, unforgiveness, etc. These are symptoms you have been taught & believed the knock-off version of God's Truth.

According to Christ, knowing The Truth shall set you free! Freedom is a symptom of knowing The Truth. Christ says in John 8:32, "Then you will know The Truth, and The Truth will set you free." If you are enslaved by anything we just described, you have never learned The Truth. You have believed the knock-off version spread by religion. 

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Religion has taught us that Christ's name is Jesus. Did you know this is a lie?

There is power in the name above all names according to God's Word in the Bible so why would religion distort such a name? When you see beyond the smoke and mirrors of this religion-created illusion, it'll not only shock you, it will also empower you. 

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